Workhuman Certified Enterprise Spotlight: CS Recruiting

Workhuman Certified Enterprise Spotlight: CS Recruiting

Published on - 08/15/2022

Company profile 

CS Recruiting is a specialized executive supply chain and logistics recruiting firm based in Highland Park, Illinois. Founded in 2011 by Charlie Saffro, the company prides itself on being a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) with an extensive database, industry connections, and deeply integrated ability to identify and place talent of all functions and levels. 



Recent milestones 

  • Honored by Inc. as one of the Best Workplaces 2022 
  • Launched with a hybrid work environment; transitioned to fully remote in 2021 

Why CS Recruiting became a Workhuman Certified Enterprise 

For Saffro, Workhuman Certified is validation—and a key differentiator.  

“At CS Recruiting, we know we have a human-centric culture, but being recognized by Workhuman shows that we’re not just saying we put people first, we really do it,” she explained. “We’ll be sharing our designation as a Workhuman Certified Enterprise in our communications, in our business development deck, and for recruitment. It’s great to be able to explain the badge and why we have it. It really helps us stand out from the competition.” 

Ways CS Recruiting is innovating with workplace culture 

Culture has always been a priority for CS Recruiting, but when the company decided to go fully remote, Saffro and her team had to re-think the best ways to put people first and keep employees engaged.  

“We got very intentional about it and put a tremendous amount of time into immersing ourselves in how to do it right—research, conversations, surveys, books, podcasts,” she said. “We had to prove to ourselves that it can be done, but we knew that it was what our team members wanted and what the candidates we talk to every day want. They want to be trusted. They want the flexibility.”  

Since going fully remote, CS Recruiting has implemented a variety of tactics to ensure team members feel supported and have the tools they need to succeed. Methods include:

  • Frequent check-ins. The company’s four-person leadership team conducts 1:1s, meeting with each employee 4xs annually and engaging in conversations that focus on individual needs and optimal methods for support. In addition, CS Recruiting’s engagement platform prompts employees to “check in” regularly and provide wins and challenges from their week, as well as an overall rating on how they’re feeling personally and professionally. Managers use these responses to guide their weekly 1:1s and to dig a bit deeper into needs and how they affect performance.  
  • Optional monthly get-togethers. Team members are encouraged to attend as an opportunity to unwind and connect with their colleagues in a relaxed environment. 
  • Quarterly in-person gatherings. These bring the entire company together for 1.5 days in an environment that allows employees to catch up on business practices while also weaving in team building and personal development exercises. 
  • An annual company retreat. CS Recruiting now allocates a portion of what it previously spent on “rent” to an annual company retreat. This past February, the entire team went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a four-day getaway with no agenda other than to relax, reset, and socialize with one another. The company is currently planning for 2023, as the entire team looks forward to and appreciates this event. 

CS Recruiting also recently formalized its employee recognition and appreciation program to ensure that team members are acknowledged for not only professional accomplishments, but also personal life events. Recognition is customized for: 

  • Employee Anniversaries. Employees celebrating a work anniversary receive a handwritten card from leadership, a public post on LinkedIn, acknowledgment on the company’s Slack channel and at weekly team meetings, and a gift that the employee has selected from “Gift Hero.” In addition, the company offers a one-month paid sabbatical to tenured employees who reach the 10-year milestone.  
  • Promotions. CS Recruiting acknowledges professional advancement with a handwritten card from leadership, announcements on the company Slack channel, LinkedIn, and at meetings, and a small gift when appropriate (e.g., recruiters who hit goals to earn a promotion to the next level have received Apple ear pods or a new desk chair for their home office). 
  • Employee of the Quarter/Employee of the Year. These special accomplishments are acknowledged with announcements on Slack and LinkedIn, a handwritten card from leadership, a gift, and an extra PTO day. 
  • Birthdays. Recognition includes a team birthday card, Slack announcement, and a free PTO day on or around the employee’s birthday. 
  • New Babies/Weddings. CS Recruiting hosts company-wide baby/wedding showers with individualized games that give everyone an opportunity to engage and celebrate their team member. The company also provides the employee with a gift from their registry and gives employees an option to send a separate small gift.  
  • New Homes/Pets. Announcements are made on the company’s Slack channel and the company gives a gift. 
  • Personal Situations. When an employee is coping with difficult personal situation (loss, sickness, etc.), the leadership team reaches out directly to offer support. The company also sends a donation or plants a tree to honor the employee’s loved one. 

Lastly, CS Recruiting revamped its onboarding process to ensure new hires have ongoing support and develop meaningful connections with their colleagues. The company uses: 

  • Hands-on work and shadowing. All new hires go through a formal training program during their first 2-3 weeks at the company. The process includes hands-on work and shadowing so new team members meet several of colleagues, form connections, and better understand the various positions in the company.  
  • A variety of supplemental content. Onboarding at CS Recruiting focuses on teaching the skills required for the role but also includes webinars, podcasts, and suggested reading for personal and professional development (e.g., Brene Brown, Simon Sinek, Adam Grant). 
  • Continuous training, learning, and development. The company offers a customized learning and development program for all hires after they hit the six-month mark. In addition, CS Recruiting provides continuous training for all tenured employees. These courses are designed for specific roles and are meant to be delivered at specific times in the employee journey. 

CS Recruiting embraces the future of work 

The eight tenants of Workhuman Certified align with the core values of CS Recruiting, and Saffro believes they can serve as a guide for every company that wants to bring more humanity to the workplace. 

“CS Recruiting is in the people business. We coach companies about how to acquire and retain talent, and one of the reasons we’re so successful is because we lead by example,” she concluded. “When we treat our people right, we bring awareness to the human workplace. We’re looking forward to spreading that message and meeting and collaborating with others in the Workhuman Certified community.”