Work Happiness…Worth a Second Look and Investment

Work Happiness…Worth a Second Look and Investment

Published on - 11/18/2019


Today, one fact remains true and easily attainable across all businesses, regardless of size or industry. Developing one’s company culture, to promote happiness will inevitably lead to increased performance and success. The challenge…determining one’s best strategic approach. For some, the strategy is clear. However, what is also crystal clear, the staggering potential impact on any smaller company’s budget.  Thankfully, after sorting through several suggestions, quite a few solutions exist that force minimal budgetary adjustments.

While some may be quick to guess salary as the easiest and most direct route to happier employees, it appears going beyond an acceptable base pay is far more desirable. An enriched company culture often comes to mind as well for many, but that’s never something easily defined and enjoyed by all employees. So, think super simple, and for a lot of people, a given. Everyone wants to know and truly feel as though their work, their time and their role for the company makes a difference, is valued and does not go unseen. Employees at all levels want to see their company’s mission and goals, as well as how they personally can contribute to making those goals attainable. There’s no question that each of us want to be appreciated for our work, but it’s on managers and owners to tailor their recognition to each employee. Whether it’s a side conversation about a recent achievement or a personal email highlighting the impact one’s work made on the company, taking the time to prioritize this will be appreciated and inevitably lead to increased productivity and pride in one’s work.

Another solution, again often overlooked, transparency. A focus on transparent communication and an acknowledgment that every employee has a voice goes a long way. Ensure that your team remains empowered with the ability to voice concerns and offer feedback, as an open-minded approach can only strengthen and promote growth. The key factor here is to not only empower and listen but also provide a course of action to address concerns.

Some businesses can afford to reward top performers with additional vacation time, however, that might not be feasible for others. For those companies torn on this option, the focus should remain on delivering a message that conveys the value of prioritizing a work-life balance. Creating a positive work environment, that welcomes and encourages the development of genuine connections, beyond the scope of work, leads to happiness as well.

Within the office itself, consider announcing achievements, ordering tasty snacks that everyone won’t be able to keep their hands off, and providing the occasional team lunch. With the bigger picture in mind, a critical piece to any business is a clear career pathway. The instant a new team member is added, make certain career path options within the organization are included in the training and orientation period. Creating time to revisit and discuss each employee’s career path deters unnecessary turnover. 

Although the options are endless, one remains clear. Plant the seed of happiness, as it will undoubtedly flourish, spreading to all employees and growing the company’s competitive edge!