What does an Executive Recruitment Agency like CS Recruiting Do?

What does an Executive Recruitment Agency like CS Recruiting Do?

Published on - 11/15/2019


What does an Executive Recruitment Agency like CS Recruiting Do?

Recruitment agencies have been around for a long time, but recruiting is oftentimes a misunderstood industry, causing its power to be overlooked. In the broad scope, recruitment firms are here to help companies that are spread too thin source talent. When a company lacks time, money or other resources to effectively source, recruit and hire a candidate for an open position in their business, they oftentimes resort to the easier, but less effective, hiring practices.

When companies don’t spend adequate time on their hiring needs or look for candidates in the right places, they may be costing their company more money in the long run by hiring weaker candidates and subjecting themselves to high employee turnover. All of which can add significant cost and burden a company – leading it to start from square one all over again.

The Process
Specialized recruitment firms, like CS Recruiting, aim to solve this problem by taking over all aspects of recruitment. Recruiters first sit down with their clients to understand what they are looking for in an ideal candidate. Once the open position and its qualifications are established by the client, expert recruiters will reach into their network of contacts and extensive database to find the right fit for the job. Recruiters assess the outlined professional qualifications established by their client, listen closely to understand each candidate’s career goals and motivations and finally evaluate to see if they are a match with an initial interview.

From there on, the agency will narrow down the number of legitimate and qualified candidates and will present these to the client, who will then hold the final interviews. Once the client has decided if they would like to hire the individual, an offer is then presented and the once seemingly daunting job is complete.

Long-Term Savings Opportunity
No, hiring a recruitment agency for your logistics company isn’t free, but it truly can pay for itself. To help show their worth, agencies like CS Recruiting don’t charge a client until a placement is made and both parties are satisfied. The fee a logistics company will pay for the hire actually is quite cost-effective and can vary based on an agency’s expertise. On average, it takes 128 hours – that’s more than two weeks—and thousands of dollars to hire an employee in the logistics industry. By taking this burden off of hiring managers, they can instead focus their time, money and energy on other essential matters, leaving the hard work of sourcing talent the experts.

CS Recruiting’s Expert Logistics Recruiters
Why is CS Recruiting the right recruitment firm to fill the hiring needs of your logistics company? CS Recruiting’s knowledge and expertise in the transportation and logistics industry has helped them build a dense network of contacts, making them better equipped to find the best talent for each open position they are presented with. All of the logistics recruiters at CS Recruiting have experience placing candidates in Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Asset-Based Brokerage, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Trucking and Warehousing among many other logistics industries.

For more information about how a specialized recruitment agency like CS Recruiting can help you meet your hiring needs, contact CS Recruiting today.