Virtual Interviewing: How It Can Benefit Your Hiring Process

Virtual Interviewing: How It Can Benefit Your Hiring Process

Published on - 03/24/2020

Virtual Interviewing During Social Distancing

Written by: Paulina Yousif

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused uncertainty in various industries leading to layoffs across the country. In the midst of this pandemic, the Supply Chain and Logistics industries remain a priority for survival. With demand for specific commodities increasing, manufacturers and truck drivers are busier than ever trying to keep store shelves stocked and packages delivered directly to consumers’ homes. How do you handle these busy times? Continuing to hire employees.
With social distancing a concern, interviewing and hiring does not have to be put on hold, after all, it is 2020. Virtual interviewing is a great alternative to in-person interviews, and there are many options to choose from when it comes to which technology to use.
Technology Options
1.     WebEx provides video conferencing, online training, team collaboration, and many other options for video interviews, as well as internal communication while working remotely. There is currently a free option which includes unlimited usage and no time restrictions, support for 100 participants, and toll dial-in capabilities.
2.     Google Hangouts is a free feature of Gmail and very simple to use. Google Hangouts can be used to instant message or video chat with multiple people from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Simply send a Hangouts link to the intended party. To use Hangouts on a smart device, simply download the application and start hanging out.
3.     FaceTime is another free and easy option for Apple users. FaceTime can be accessed through an iPhone, iPad, or Mac laptop.  
4.     SparkHire offers one-way video interviewing, as well as live video interviewing. Utilizing the one-way video interviewing option, candidates are able to record their answers to a list of questions with time parameters set by you. With the live interview function, you can record the entire interview to reference during your decision-making debrief. You can even virtually evaluate the interviews amongst your team and communicate with candidates directly through the software.
5.     Zoom Video Conferencing can be a great tool if you’d like to conduct a virtual panel interview by using their conference room option. Zoom also offers personal video meetings and options for dial-in calls. There are multiple plans to fit your needs.
6.     Skype for Business is a classic program that can be downloaded directly to your computer or smart device.  With Skype, you can host audio or video calls, add live subtitles to your video call, and text chat. Skype is free of cost and easy to sign up for.
While choosing the right technology is essential to your virtual experience, it is equally important to make the most of your video time with the candidate.
1.     Test the technology prior to your call to ensure the quality of your video is strong and all functions work properly.
2.     If you plan to have multiple interviewers, implement an interviewing schedule and communicate with other team members regarding their responsibilities.
3.     Prepare candidates in terms of a time frame, instructions on how to access conferences and expectations on dress code.
4.     Since you’re unable to show the candidate your office and meet your team in person, be prepared to showcase the company culture by sharing posts or photos from team events and get the candidate excited about joining your team.  
5.     You want to ensure the environment you’re interviewing in resembles an office setting: quiet, well-lit, and professional.
6.     Don’t forget to get to know the candidate as if they were in front of you. Don’t be afraid to take time to have a casual conversation and learn more about them as a person.
Video interviews allow you to put a face to your candidates and get to know them as if you were in the same room. Most importantly, video interviews allow your hiring process and business to continue while still practicing social distancing.