[The Top Careers] in Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs

[The Top Careers] in Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs

Published on - 11/18/2019


Are you looking for supply chain and logistics jobs? You’re lucky because this industry is continuously booming and with relatively low competition among its professionals. Each person here is part of the collective goal to ensure that the products will be delivered on time and in the best quality possible. 

Job openings in the industry are taking off at greater heights. This means that you’ll likely get as much opportunity as you want. The careers are in high demand and equally rewarding, both career-wise and compensation-wise.

Here are the top careers that you can explore here:

1. Procurement manager

Procurement managers are tasked to purchase or acquire the goods at the most competitive price possible. Those who have excellent sales abilities and negotiation skills will thrive in this position. And if you’re someone who loves numbers, you’ll definitely fit as a procurement manager.

To qualify for this position, you can have a professional degree. Still, you can wade your way by taking short logistics courses.

2. Demand planning analyst

If you have a keen attention to detail, you might fit as a demand planning analyst. This position is tasked to manage the stock levels of the product and its purchasing quality. The billing processes and inventory is also part of their responsibilities. The role of a demand planning analyst is crucial to ensure that the supply isn’t too low or too much within a company.

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3. Supply chain consultant

Small businesses usually seek the opinion of supply chain consultants to have a wider view of the market. This position is tasked to give out informed advice about inventory management and selling the products. Everyone who is in the entry-level position in the logistics industry can climb their way up. You can pass through managerial posts until you become a consultant. The ticket here is experience.

4. Distribution Center Supervisor

Distribution center supervisors are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a distribution center. They deal with managing losses and gains as well as ensuring that the revenue of the company is maximized. These supervisors are also tasked to ensure that the orders are delivered promptly to the customers. To be a distribution center supervisor, you need to have years of experience and intensive training. Supply chain executive search firms take their time when picking these people.

Miscellaneous careers:

If you’re not a good fit on the first four positions, you can have your humble start on these two jobs:

1. Customer relations

Are you an aspiring procurement officer? You can have your start as a customer relations representative. These people are tasked to answer queries of customers through verbal or written means.

2. Inventory personnel

For those who are looking forward to being a distribution center supervisor, being an inventory coordinator would be a great start. It will expose you to the processes involved in managing the arrival and delivery of the products.

These supply chain and logistics jobs are rewarding. If you’re willing to be patient, you’ll surely go places in the industry. Also, keep learning the ropes to climb your way up to your desired position.