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Mergers and Acquisitions from a Logistics Recruiter’s Perspective

Mergers and Acquisitions from a Logistics Recruiter’s Perspective

Published on - 11/15/2019


As a niche recruiting agency in the Logistics Industry, we here at CS Recruiting tend to take special note to industry changes, especially large acquisitions from both the 3PL and asset sides of the industry. There have been several large (million and billion dollar mergers in the past year alone), such as XPO and Conway partnership or even Echo Global Logistics purchasing Command Transportation; which have us recruiters seeing imminent changes from both a transportation and recruiting perspective. Taking a step back and looking at the reasons of these new partnerships is very interesting as well. With shipper demand becoming more complex with e-commerce ordering and LTL carriers increasing rates, many shippers are looking to 3PLs to leverage many different service offerings and price saving solutions, but also still want an asset backing for dedicated over the road truckload capacity. As companies merging together, such as the recent UPS acquisition of Coyote Logistics, the market and consumers may see better service offerings and capacity especially as retail season hits this quarter and throughout upcoming years.

As a logistics headhunter, I have to wonder how this will change my industry from a recruiting and hiring needs standpoint? As very reputable companies are merging great talent, we may see a large swing in employees looking to make a change but at the same time, staff and executives will also continue to stay loyal to their companies and can leverage mergers as a way to “move up” within a changing organization. As these large companies blend, we anticipate that new positions will be created. There may be a push for technology or managed transportation focused opportunities that may come across my desk as a recruiter and I predict there may be a spike in more niche focused roles to work and recruit on. Either way, myself and my colleagues look forward to continue to network with transportation professionals at all levels as we watch what happens with the new model of “Asset 3PLs” as the logistics industry continues to grow and change.

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