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Our team is from the Industry, so we speak your language.

The most experienced recruiting team in the Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain Industries.

Why CS?

CS Recruiting understands the Transportation and Logistics Industries like no other Recruiter in the business. In such a dynamic and ever changing business like transportation, it is essential to be working with a team that fully understands the nature of the beast. We have the experience and the expertise that you are looking for, whether you are trying to acquire talent, or if you are a job seeker. Let us prove to you why CS Recruiting is the premier Transportation Recruiting firm, equipped with the best supply chain and logistics headhunters, in the industry.

How we do it

By utilizing our extensive network of transportation, logistics and supply chain talent, we are able to bring you the most qualified candidates for the right positions. Our sophisticated database, combined with our team's extensive network, gives us access to the industry's best talent. As we work together and bring candidates to you, we continue to go above and beyond by assessing their professional qualifications — listening closely to understand their career goals and motivations, and matching these to your specific needs.

Charlie Saffro
Executive Recruiter/Founder

Charlie is the top recruiter in the business, as well as the industry's finest Matchmaker. Need a job or a date- Charlie is your girl. Charlie aims to find the perfect match between her clients and candidates, and has trained her team to use their skills to scout and guide talented candidates to the right opportunity. Charlie is rewarded every day with client and candidate gratitude and loves the thrill of a successful match. When Charlie is not in recruiting mode, she is spending time with her three boys and mastering the art of yoga on Instagram.

Chad Saffro

Creating the happening energy of CS Recruiting, Chad is the operational brains behind the business. Chad’s industry expertise shows while working with his clients as well as managing the technological side of CS Recruiting. Wrigley field is his favorite Chicago landmark where he loves taking his three sons to see a game. Chad will tell you his favorite music group is the Beatles, but we all know he prefers 90’s boy bands and a good Taco Tuesday celebration.

Eric Schreiber
General Manager

Coming in at 6’3, we often have to ask Eric, “How’s the weather up there?” Eric comes to CS Recruiting with years of Management experience. This father of 2 boys can still dunk a basketball, but these days he prefers to make a slam-dunk match between his candidates and clients.

Beth Herberholz
Director of Recruiting & Best Office Athlete

Beth is another industry expert on the team. This Michigan native/Michigan State alum loves to explore the city of Chicago. You’ll find her on the beach at an Intramural Volleyball game or at a Pure Barre class after a long day’s work.

Morgan (Fox) Shutman
Senior Recruiter & Fashionista

Another Michigan State Alum, Morgan has built up her knowledge of transportation and recruiting by learning from only the best! She handles the Pandora requests with grace to keep the peace in the office. Besides the obvious Transportation knowledge, she has her online shopping skills down to a tee.

Jen (Chlopek) Yager
Senior Account Manager & Human Karaoke Machine

Jen has been in the Logistics industry for several years since graduating College in Wisconsin. She’s had her hand in account management, operations, sales, and is now taking on the Recruiting aspect of Logistics. Jen loves the outdoors and singing along to her favorite bands at the many concerts she attends.

Peggy Tambouridis
Senior Recruiter & Greek Goddess

Peggy hails from the state of Michigan, born and raised. She graduated from the University of Michigan before she moved to Chicago and spent 3 years as a customer sales rep in the industry. Peggy is 100% Greek and loves to visit her “Big Fat Greek Family” in Greece. When she’s not traveling the world, Peggy is enjoying her summers on a Chicago patio. Opa!

Mark Eyer
Account Manager & Master of the Universe

Mark's unparalleled sock collection is a hot topic of conversation each morning. Besides matching socks he enjoys matching Businesses with the best industry talent. Coming from the Group Coupon leader, Mark's leading up our business development team. Ask Mark if he's ever been to the 'Country Thunder' music festival? He'll reply "Does a Trucker wear a Trucker Hat?"

Jenny Mikell
Office Operations Manager & Greenest Thumb Around

"Have you ever eaten a ground cherry?" Everyone at CS has thanks to Jenny, as she supplies the office with fresh produce from her home garden. She may have learned these skills while in the farmlands of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her compassion for people and the joy she gets from matching candidates makes her a top notch recruiter. Don't be fooled by her kindness, her Italian roots give her a mean streak on the Bocce Ball court.

Natalie Fiore
Senior Recruiter & Knockout Queen

Yo, Adrian! I mean, Natalie. This wife of a Boxer and ISU-Redbird Alum packs a mean punch in the recruiting ring. Natalie has several years of logistics experience making her a serious contender for our Prized Recruiter. When she’s not making matches, Natalie enjoys cooking and blogging all about it.

Samantha Lauth
Recruiting Coordinator & Southern Belle

Originally a native of Chicago, Samantha lived in North Carolina for 2 years after college. Once she perfected her southern twang, she returned to Chicago and brought with her a spunk for recruiting. Samantha enjoys listening to country music, being outside in the sun and running.

Brittany Brandt
Supply Chain Recruiter & Real Housewives Addict

After recently graduating from the University of Illinois, Brittany joins several other Illini alumni in her quest for making the perfect Candidate/Client match. A big fan of Country music, she now adds another vote in that category, for office radio station of the day.

Connie Kalogris
Supply Chain Recruiter & Dog and Doughnut Lover

For some, pronouncing 'Taramosalata' is a challenge but not for this simple Greek. Connie uses her logistics experience and track & field background to chase down candidates for their next great position. Yes, her tan is real!

Shalini Gandhi
Recruiting Coordinator & Bollywood Queen

Shalini comes to CS with a degree from Depaul University and a recent career in the paint industry. Need help choosing between Semi-Gloss or Eggshell Enamel? Although she’s an expert in matching paint colors she now prefers making the perfect match for her candidates. Shalini is very family oriented and enjoys make-up/fashion, the Simpsons, junk food, and the fall weather.

Michael Korenko
Supply Chain Recruiter & Movie Buff

Michael comes to CS with years of Logistics & Supply Chain experience. This Cleveland sports fan, who's still celebrating the '16 NBA Finals, can be found watching movies, playing soccer/basketball and the occasional video game(s). He now has the opportunity to mesh his knowledge of Recruiting with his Transportation & Logistics background.

Alisa Convery
Supply Chain Recruiter & Scarlet Knight

Originally from New Jersey, Alisa traded her East Coast accent for a Chi-ca-go tone when moving here after college. An artist at heart; sketching, painting & charcoaling keep her busy when she's not recruiting or chasing her dog around. Alisa's recruiting background and goodhearted laughter make an excellent matchmaker.

Paulina Yousif
Supply Chain Recruiter & Shopaholic

Paulina adds experience to the team with her background in HR & Recruiting within the financial industry. Most nights she's sourcing for candidates at her cousins Hookah Lounge in the city or studying for her MBA. Staying active is important to her, so expect to see her boxing at the gym or looking for a soccer field to relive her glory days.

Terry Lerner
Supply Chain Recruiter & Craftsman

...drum roll please...and the Office Superlative for 'Best Laugh' goes to = Terry! A logistics industry veteran and supporter of beards, Terry is a great addition to the culture at CSR. Bob Villa had a great beard so it's only fitting that Terry also enjoys designing and building furniture from scratch.

Lisa Singer
Supply Chain Recruiter & Personal Shopper

Lisa's background advising clients on financial investments and fashion trends, allow her to match any 'open position' with the best dressed candidate. During lunch breaks, Lisa enjoys getting parking tickets and chatting with 1/2 of the population in sight. She strongly believes that Retail Therapy should be prescribed by doctors. In her free time, Lisa, enjoys shopping, anything on Bravo and getting more parking tickets.

Lauren Rosenfeldt
Supply Chain Recruiter & Caffeine Enthusiast

Another proud member of Badger Nation, Lauren is Big Ten Alum with a passion for understanding people. Not known for her bike riding skills, she prefers to cruise around a shopping mall. Lauren is a huge Reality TV fan, especially the Kardashians.

Madeline Pekala
Supply Chain Recruiter & Irish Step Dancer

As 'Truman the Tiger' from the University of Missouri says goodbye to Madeline, CS Recruiting welcomes her passion for helping people to our recruiting team. Need a 'set'-up with your next career, this volleyball setter is ready to assist. Even though recruiting never takes a break, she holds 'Irish Step Dancing' classes for the office at the end of every day. Madeline has a scrapbook of ticket stubs from every live music concert she's ever attended- True.

Hillary Morrow
Supply Chain Recruiter & Requires a Blanket in the Office

Hillary has a dog named 'Penny' who sports a snaggle tooth and goggly eye but more importantly she adds Logistics expertise to the CSR team after spending 4+ years in sales and operations with two well known transportation providers. Being an 'Aquarius' she is progressive, original, independent & a humanitarian - all great traits to being a recruiter. After searching and delivering quality matches to our clients and candidates she spends time watching her favorite shows, specifically bad crime documentaries on Investigation Discovery.

Kyle Rapaport
Supply Chain Recruiter & The Persian Greyhound

AKA - The Persian Greyhound, Kyle has been laying the backbeat to his favorite classic rock, alternative rock and hip-hop/rap songs for 10+ years. Toe tapping isn't a sign of boredom for P.G. as he is now providing the backbone of what's needed at successful companies, Talented Candidates. CSR has a new Taco Tuesday participant, although he prefers burritos - it still counts.

Jessica Pawlowski
Supply Chain Recruiter & Bargain Hunter

Zootopia and Moana are currently battling for the top 2 slots on Jessica's favorite Disney Cartoon movie list. Jessica joins CS with several years of logistics experience in operations and account management. She also joins a very small group of CS team members that root for the Packers. Jessica is no stranger to hard work but you won't find her whistling while she works (FYI- whistling in general is a major pet peeve of hers).

Olivia Hopkins
Supply Chain Recruiter & Taco Lover

If Olivia could only eat one meal for the rest of her life it would be Tacos. While adding to the Illini Pride in the office, Olivia also brings an affinity for matching candidates to their perfect career in logistics. If Pilates isn't your 'cup of tea', which she drinks daily, maybe this future Pilates Instructor can change your mind. If you happen to speak with her about career opportunities, she may be wondering if you prefer a corn or flour tortilla!?