Managing Multiple Personalities in The Office

Managing Multiple Personalities in The Office

Published on - 02/05/2020


Written by Brittany Lasky

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A Manager is someone who can lead a group of people, provide direction, and can navigate through difficult situations.

One of the most challenging issues a Manager can face is managing multiple personalities. Some employees work best with less supervision, while others require more direction and detailed instructions.

Whatever the learning style or personality may be, it is the manager's job to figure out what kind of worker their employee is. This can help improve productivity from the worker, improve morale, and create a more positive work environment.

Figuring out what works best for each employee is something that is mainly figured out on the job and through observation. However, pre-employment assessments or personality assessments are a great way to gain insight before an employee starts. These tests can be administered at any time. Having your employees take these assessments can greatly improve your team’s awareness of different personalities, most importantly, one’s self-awareness.

One complimentary assessment that can be taken online in less than ten minutes is the DISC Personality Test. The DISC determines a personality profile made up of four components.

Most people are made up of all four components, but they tend to lean heavier towards one or two. If you understand which components your employees lean towards, you will have better success when managing the individuals on your team.

One of the personality types in the DISC assessment is D, Dominance. This personality type is typically results-driven, competitive, and direct. These skill-sets would be great for a sales representative! In addition, this person is not afraid to tell it like it is and is often blunt. It is important to keep that in mind when managing this type of personality.

The next component is I, Influence. This person is enthusiastic and friendly, which are all skills that make an excellent leader! This person can be impulsive and more concerned about networking, than finishing the task at hand, so it is important to keep this person focused.

The S in DISC, stands for Steadiness. This person is patient and sincere. An employee with this component is strong at taking care of others and is organized, which is not a trainable quality. This person is very loyal, but they dislike conflict and change. As a leader, it is important to guide this person in a changing work environment

And last, but not least, the C in DISC stands for Compliance. These people are cautious, accurate, and work great on their own. These employees do not need to be micromanaged and work best with less supervision. This person has high standards for everyone around them, but questioning them in front of others may cause a challenge. 

Most people are a combination of all four of these personality types, which is what makes all of us unique and adds value to our companies. The trick is learning how to manage each individual and give your team the environment they need to succeed. Personality assessments are a great way to learn more about your team and improve workplace culture!

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