To Assessment Test, or Not to Test…

To Assessment Test, or Not to Test…

Published on - 11/15/2019


Every company conducts their interview process in different ways, specific to the importance of the role and necessity to fill it at the time. For some, the process is simple; phone interview, live interview, a job offer. For others, they rely on much more than the candidate’s resume to see if they’re a fit for the position.

Research says that assessment testing will determine whether or not you hire a perfectly skilled candidate with the right personality traits to match your company culture. Assessment tests can be administered online with the results quickly emailed back to the employer. While every test is different, most assessment tests ask a collection of similar questions stated in different ways or current events updates to piece out someone’s true feelings about an issue or behavior. From these tests, you can determine certain personality and aptitude results you can’t necessarily recognize just from meeting someone a few times prior to an offer letter. Getting to know your candidates better through assessment testing allows you to hire strong performers to enhance productivity and profit, and reduce employee turnover by hiring the right candidate the first time around.

While some find this stage in the interview process a requirement, others rely on their first impressions and referrals from previous employers to qualify a candidate as successful or not. What if a candidate is not a successful test taker but they still have all the attributes of a key employee for your company? There are many factors that can sway a company from relying on assessment testing to qualify candidates. Another option is to work with a Recruiter to allow them extra time to pre-screen and qualify the candidate on a personal level before they enter the interview process.

There are certainly pros and cons to both preferences, but there are always ways to make sure you are finding the right candidates. Let us know how you qualify your candidates prior to a job offer.