Jobs in Logistics – What’s Hot These Days

Jobs in Logistics – What’s Hot These Days

Published on - 11/15/2019


The more the Logistics landscape changes, the more things seem to stay the same. Companies continue to look for talented and trained individuals, but they are now looking for more specific skill sets. 

According to a recent article in the American Journal of Transportation, “The Logistics industry needs more professionals who can plan, execute and improve shipping and distribution processes globally.” 

These professionals will come with a background of industry experience, as well as an advanced education in Logistics. They list the five most promising roles as: Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Engineer, Warehouse Operations Manager, Customer Service Manager, and Transportation Managers. While these positions seem to be more on the Shipper, Distributor, and Manufacturing side, 3PL’s will also need talent with these skill sets. These Companies continue to evolve as well and need to find ways to stay competitive. 

Supply chain and logistics jobs will always be sought after. With the industry as large as it is, those who continue to pursue their passion, whether it be as a Load Planner or Supply Chain Engineer, will be the ones who continue to grow professionally and get the positions they seek.