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How to Save Big By Outsourcing your Logistics Recruitment

How to Save Big By Outsourcing your Logistics Recruitment

Published on - 11/15/2019


How to Save Big By Outsourcing your Logistics Recruitment
Finding the right hire for a logistics company is oftentimes easier said than done. There are countless things that go into hiring someone. Is the candidate a cultural fit for the business? Do they have the right skillset to complete the job? Does the candidate seem to be a team player? These are just three of the many questions that are important for managers to examine when finding the right person to work at their logistics company, and answers aren’t always so easy to come by.

Coming to these conclusions takes two main things from a manager: Extensive time and money. Luckily for managers, outsourcing a logistics company’s recruitment efforts is becoming more time-and cost-effective, and ultimately can make your job a lot easier. Read on to find out more about the two largest benefits of hiring a recruitment firm, like CS Recruiting, can offer your company.

The #1 Non-Monetary Benefit: Time Savings
Forbes reports, that on average, a singular job posting attracts about 119 candidates. Sifting through the 100+ applications just in the prescreening stage of the hiring process can take, at minimum, about three hours. Yes, this is just pre-screening the candidates. A superior hiring manager should spend extra time after pre-screening these individuals to actually get a better feel for each candidate. However, the time spent on recruiting doesn’t end there.

The largest chunk of time that accompanies any hiring effort is next on the list: Interviewing. The average job interview lasts about 40 minutes, but depending on how many interviews a logistics company decides to hold for a single position, this amount will likely double, triple or even quadruple. Similarly, many logistics companies decide to conduct more than one interview with a candidate to get a better feeling if he or she will be a good fit, oftentimes conducting assessment tests within the interview. Both of these additional hiring factors take ample time away from hiring managers. As you can see, the time associated with recruiting, hiring and onboarding a new employee can add up quickly.

When adding all of the time it takes to write and post job ads, sort through resumes, prescreen, interview and actually hire the right candidate, it can take up to 128 hours to hire the right candidate – that’s more than two weeks.

When a logistics company decides to hire a specialized recruitment firm like CS Logistics, this gives all of the time that would have spent on recruiting and onboarding back to hiring managers. Hiring managers can use this “extra” time on working on essential tasks for the company other than recruitment. Consulting with a CS Recruiting can also cut down on the amount of time it takes to find the right hire for a company, due to their advanced network of contacts in the industry – helping companies get experienced professionals into empty positions in a shorter amount of time. Hiring managers no longer have to spend countless hours writing job descriptions, advertising their opportunity and sifting through resumes because expert recruiters at CS Recruiting take over these daunting tasks.

The #1 Monetary Benefit: Recruitment and Hiring Cost Savings
The old saying goes, “time equals money,” and when it comes to recruiting in logistics, this saying holds true. The cost of a hire is oftentimes more than you would initially think. To start, first, a logistics company has to advertise the available job. Companies can opt for advertising in a wide array of ways, ranging from posting a job to LinkedIn, Monster, Craigslist or more. And don’t forget that somebody has to write out the actual job description and ad.

Depending on how many avenues a logistics company takes in regards to this step, this can cost a company anywhere from $50 to over $1,000. As outlined above, one single job posting attracts more than 250 applicants typically. Next, add up the time it takes to prescreen and interview all of the viable candidates and deliberate on who will fill the position. Sifting through 200+ applications can cost a company upwards of $1,000. If a company decides to interview four candidates for a lower-level position, on average this can cost a company about $400, but for C-level executive positions position, this can total more than $2,000. Add in other necessary factors such as onboarding and training, and this number rises even more. In total, the company hiring a candidate for an open logistics job can cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, all of the above steps assume that in the end, the HR person hired the right person, but this oftentimes isn’t the actual case.

How CS Recruiting Can Help
When a hiring manager reaches out to an executive recruitment agency, like CS Recruiting, to take care of a logistics company’s hiring efforts, this monetary cost can dramatically decrease. CS Recruiting doesn’t charge companies until they’ve placed a qualified candidate to fill the empty position, ensuring that both parties are satisfied and decreasing the risk of a company hiring the wrong candidate – a costly mistake.

Time and money savings are just two of the countless benefits of hiring a recruitment agency to take care of your logistics company’s recruitment efforts. To learn about more of the benefits that hiring a recruitment firm like CS Recruiting can offer your company, contact us today at https://cs-recruiting.com/contact-us.