Employers: Tips for Conducting In-Person Interviews

Employers: Tips for Conducting In-Person Interviews

Published on - 01/26/2020

It’s a well-known fact that candidates with multiple offers often accept the role where they had the best in-person job interview. To secure your top candidate, give them an interview experience they will never forget with these helpful tips!


1. Tell a candidate prior to the interview what they can expect in terms of interviewers and timeline.

  • Let them know the anticipated length of the interview.
  • If there are multiple interviewers, tell them who they will be meeting with.
  • Ensure the candidate knows if there are specific materials you want them to bring (Portfolios, Writing Samples, References).

2. Set the candidate up for a successful arrival.

  • Give specific directions for the candidate to be able to find your office.
  • If there are unique parking circumstances, share the details.
  • Let the candidate know what to expect when entering the building.  

3. Create an amazing first impression when a candidate arrives.

  • The initial interview is their first glimpse of your office culture, so ensure a team member is there to greet them.
  • Give guidance on where to leave their belongings and offer them a drink.

4. Finalize an agenda when multiple people are interviewing.

  • Some overlap is to be expected, but have a plan so everyone knows who’s asking specific questions and you aren’t covering the same ground in each meeting.
  • Stick to an interview schedule so the candidate knows who to expect next.
  • Stay organized and show respect for their time.

5. Understand that the candidate is evaluating the opportunity as much as you are evaluating them.

  • Encourage candidates to ask more questions than they came prepared with to help them walk away with a good understanding of the company culture, job, and their potential to succeed.
  • If the candidate says all their questions have already been answered, ask if there are any topics that need clarification or an additional perspective.

6. Be upfront about compensation and proactively make sure they know what you’re offering.

  • Keep in mind that many job seekers have been counseled not to ask about compensation so it may be up to the interviewer to open this discussion
  • If it’s an incentive-based role, discuss compensation packages and the options your company offers.
  • Discuss benefits and additional incentives to entice the candidate.

7. Discuss a timeline for feedback.

  • Often times, candidates can be intimidated to ask for your contact information. Share your business card with them to encourage that they send a follow-up email.
  • Give them a timeline of when they will hear back regarding the next steps and who will be reaching out.
  • Make sure to give the candidate an update on potential next steps, whether it's an offer, rejection, or no decision has been made yet.

Follow these steps and reel in the best talent in the market!  


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