Be The Star Of Your Next Video Call

Be The Star Of Your Next Video Call

Published on - 07/13/2020

Written by: Paulina Yousif

In a world where living rooms have turned into home offices, one trend seems clear; video calls are here to stay.

With the 2020 pandemic changing the way we work, video calls are essential to remaining productive and connected with colleagues, clients, and partners. What were once in-person meetings have turned into Zoom, Google, and Teams video calls.

While it can be easy to be distracted during a video call, it’s best to maintain a level of professionalism during a virtual meeting, and here’s how to do so.


  1. Find a quiet zone without interruptions. While it may seem obvious, it is essential to find a place where the dog barking and the kids screaming cannot be heard.
  2. Ensure the background is not distracting. Sure, everyone loves some good house décor ideas, but a company meeting is not the time for a thirty-minute house tour or discussion about what’s going on behind you.
  3. Lighting is an important aspect of video conferencing. Sit in front or directly underneath the light to avoid shadows or silhouettes on-screen. A little known tip is most video conference platforms have a video setting that allows you to “touch up” your appearance with a subtle filter.
  4. Dress to impress. Being home all day can make it difficult to want to change out of those comfortable cartoon pajamas, however, business casual is the way to go. While it’s most important to be professionally dressed “on top,” don’t forget that your legs may be exposed during the call and a slip could create a fairly embarrassing situation.
  5. Placement is key. A straight-on workstation is essential to remain focused on the meeting agenda and not on adjusting the computer screen.
  6. Manners matter. Coming into a video meeting late can be awkward, especially if the meeting has begun. Join the meeting on mute and wait for an opportunity to greet the team.
  7. Test everything. Log on to the video conference a few minutes early and test the video and audio capabilities to avoid delaying the start of the meeting.

 As the world navigates through the pandemic, working remotely becomes the “new norm.” Some companies may indefinitely become remote offices. For some, this is a perk, although it is vital to convey the importance of remaining professional with peers.

Of course, it is essential to have a few laughs and keep company culture alive through video conferences. However, there must be a distinction between a time for fun and a time to keep the professionalism alive, virtually.