Be a ‘Stand Out’ Candidate - CS Recruiting

Be a ‘Stand Out’ Candidate - CS Recruiting

Published on - 11/15/2019


Today, reaching top talent is the first hurdle for Recruiters to overcome in successfully placing a candidate with the best opportunity. However, this obstacle can also be applied to job seekers as well. Daily, Recruiters may receive hundreds of applications for an open position from candidates who state they are “perfect” for the role and here are the reasons why. Even with the most relevant qualifications listed, there is a high chance the Recruiter has probably read those same generic reasons before and has chosen to reject your application upon first glance. It is important for Candidates to give Recruiters a reason to take a closer look during their quick glance. This is where being Memorable vs. Forgettable comes into play.

Here are 4 Ideas to help increase the likelihood a Recruiter will respond to your job application:
· Call Attention to Keywords – Typically, resumes are structured with multiple bullets listed under various sections. Unless there is something that catches a Recruiter’s eye – they may never make it to the meat of your resume. Instead, pull up sections that use more keywords and place them at the top of the resume. Also, use specific words, skills and qualifications listed in the job description to really emphasize your experiences.

· Use Section Headings Strategically – Emphasize your section headings and add relevant flair to each. Make sure they are clear and easy to navigate, as well as, listed in a sensible order.

· Maximize Your Company Brands – Recruiters will definitely spend an extra minute or two if they see you have worked for well-known, reputable companies. Highlight these companies and don’t diminish their impact on your career and skills learned.

· Don’t Hide Your Quirks – Add activities and interests that you have done outside of work – Whether it is a weekend side gig or a subject you minored in college. Although it’s very possible these activities aren’t relevant to the role, it might just be enough to have a recruiter spend a little extra time.

It’s not an exact science and definitely takes a few extra minutes, but in the end, answering the question of how to make your resume stand out, has a huge impact on yielding responses from Recruiters and increasing your chances of landing your perfect job.