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Where are the Drivers at!?

Where are the Drivers at!?

Published on - 11/15/2019


Did you know that the average age of a Truck Driver in the United States is 55 years old?

For many, this isn’t far from retirement age! There is no doubt about it that the number of drivers on the road is dwindling, and many companies are feeling the effects. The US government projects that 330,000 new truckers will be needed by 2020, but the would-be young Drivers are more drawn to construction and other jobs that pay more than the average $38k a year truckers make, per Bloomberg’s business report.

So how do you, as a company, overcome and fight through this Driver drought? Well, many companies have been looking into more intermodal options. Intermodal is a cost effective way to move long distance freight. It may take a couple extra days, but usually, prices can be lower, and more freight can move on double-stacked containers than in an average dry van. 

If you are an asset-based company needing Drivers, think about hiring a Driver Recruiter. This is a role we have worked on at CS Recruiting. This role can be combined with a Dispatch/Driver manager position as well, but the key to being successful is making sure they are compensated for bringing Drivers on, and retaining them since Drivers are few and far between. Recruiting is tough, so be sure that you are compensating this employee as if they were a salesperson. They could earn a bonus per on-boarded Driver, but also have a quota to hit weekly/monthly. On top of having someone focused on on-boarding carriers, it is important to have a Driver retention program. Many companies have now come to the realization that 401K and bonus options should be offered to their Drivers as well, and with the drought, taking care of your Drivers are more important than ever. Also, don’t shy away from hiring Women Drivers! Werner claims that their female drivers have a 25% lower accident cost! (see CNBC article: “The next big thing in US trucking: Female Drivers”)

Without Drivers, the country will be reeling, and wouldn’t have the access to goods everyone needs. So let’s take care of Drivers and inspire Millennials to get in a rig and ride!