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Three Reasons To Hire a Recruitment Firm for your Logistics Company

Three Reasons To Hire a Recruitment Firm for your Logistics Company

Published on - 11/15/2019


It’s essential for logistics companies to examine the recruitment and hiring practices that they have in place to ensure that they are hiring the brightest and best talent in their respective industry. Landing the best talent to help run your logistics company can be an added competitive edge for a business. The right hire can impact your business’ efficiency and productivity – saving much needed time. Because let’s face it, in the logistics industry, time is always of the essence.

Here are three reasons why your business should invest in a logistics recruitment firm today.

  1. Time: Recruitment and hiring can eat up a lot of time. Regardless of how large a company may be, the amount of time that it takes to post jobs, screen applicants, interview candidates and other necessities associated with recruitment can steal people away from doing what they were actually hired to do. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the average time to fill a position in the transportation industry is 50 days. Spending such an extensive amount of time on sourcing and vetting the right candidate can pull people away from their jobs to assist in the hiring process, which may lead to a reduction in the productivity of the company and ultimately can lead to a decrease in profitability. By hiring outside professionals to employ qualified candidates for empty positions can enable employees to better focus on their actual jobs rather than get wrapped up in the recruitment process.
  2. Cost: Hiring the wrong people yields a high employee turnover rate, which can be quite expensive. Although it may cost more initially to hire a recruitment firm, a high turnover rate can end up costing a company more in the long run. According to Inbound Logistics, choosing the wrong candidate can cost a company up to $250,000 per year. Even if a company spends $33,000 to find the right candidate, the company would gain a total return on investment of 750 percent – instead of losing $250,000. A supply chain recruiting agency like CS Recruiting doesn’t actually charge a company for a hire until the right individual for the job has been found – and the cost isn’t even close to $33,000 for a single candidate. Outsourcing your company’s recruitment efforts not only can reduce long-term costs, but can also help fix a broken system or process by helping a company to find holes in their recruitment process.
  3. Expertise: Just because an individual is an expert at his or her job doesn’t mean that they are an expert at finding someone else who is. There are many specialized recruiting firms that thrive solely based off their expertise. For example, CS Recruiting is an expert in all things transportation and logistics-related. Because of their extensive knowledge of the industry and their extensive network, they are more equipped and better able to bring in the most qualified candidates to fill the right position. Recruitment firms can add proficiency to your hiring process by providing their expertise in your specific industry and in the HR field generally.

Outsourcing your recruitment efforts isn’t only for companies that are without an extensive HR department. If your business already has an HR department, consulting with a recruitment firm can help these individuals bring in the right people to fill available positions.

For more information about hiring a recruitment firm to assist in staffing your logistics company, contact CS Recruiting today.