Supply Chain Management Recruiters: [Top Mistakes and How to Avoid Them]

Supply Chain Management Recruiters: [Top Mistakes and How to Avoid Them]

Published on - 11/18/2019


A candidate who knows the ropes of the supply chain is a catch. But as much as there is so much talent out there, a problematic hiring process could sabotage your shot of hiring these people. Supply chain management recruiters warn of possible mistakes HR officers are committing. If you think your hiring process is lacking something, here are the possible mistakes you might be doing:

1. Making it too long

Dragging the hiring process for too long will impact the interest of a potential candidate. Companies who have a faster hiring procedure will likely snatch the talent even before you get to the interview phase. Even though you are the recruiter, you have to be timely and responsive. As much as the talent needs you, you also need them.

2. Too much focus on the resume

Resumes are just screening tools. If you focus on it too much, you’ll miss more of the talent’s skills and expertise. Don’t let a piece of paper stymie the hiring process. After scanning their technical qualifications, give more time to personality and competency checks. This is the reason why supply chain executive recruiters conduct a series of interviews.

3. Not knowing the market enough

As a recruiter, you have to do your part of knowing the supply chain market – research about what’s hot and what’s not. This way, you’ll have a clearer vision of what you’ll be looking for on a candidate. If not, you might hire someone with outdated skills that can’t live up to the demands of the job.

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4. Involving the wrong people

Having too many people involved in the hiring process is a problem. But the bigger dilemma here is having the wrong people manage the candidate selection. It’s best to involve only the person who has the “pain” or need for the additional manpower. That way, the selection is easy and right on target.

5. A murky idea of your target


Supply chain management recruiters don’t shoot without aiming. Be sure that you know exactly what you’re looking for. Make sure that you have a clear description of the duties and responsibilities that the newly hired person will handle.

6. Lagging on the compensation department

As much as the position is attractive, the compensation should also be rewarding. There are many candidates who will love to take on the job but discouraged due to the poor salary rate. Search the market to have a good idea of what salary should be given for a specific expertise.

7. Setting problematic expectations

One big mistake supply chain executive recruiters commit is imposing conflicting expectations. It’s important that you lay down the cards when hiring additional manpower. That way, they know what they’re signing up to.

Seasoned supply chain management recruiters have gone through various hiring issues. These seven points here are just some of the crucial aspects to remember when you’re sifting through dozens of applicants. Examine each one and don’t forget that resumes are just surface-level bases for the qualifications.