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Landed the interview? You can never be too prepared!

Landed the interview? You can never be too prepared!

Published on - 11/15/2019


Here are four interview prep tips to help you ace your next interview!

  • Know where you’re going: When commuting to an interview, Google Maps should be your best friend. Check traffic and leave plenty of time to find parking or maneuver around a large office building. Go the extra mile by visiting the location a few days before your interview to time how long it may take you to get there as well as realize any other red flags that may make you change your timing. Nothing ruins a first impression like not being on time to make it!
  • Browse LinkedIn: Check out the profile of the person composing your interview ahead of time. Learn what they do and what they contribute to the company so you can discuss relevant topics and ask pertinent questions that will be sure to impress the interviewer.
  • Polish up: Make sure to dress the part. Nothing turns off a recruiter quicker than a sloppy first impression. It’s always a better option to dress up than to dress down when you’re unsure of the office’s dress code unsure. Don’t forget to bring all the necessary tools to the interview including copies of your resume and a pen and paper to take down notes.
  • Send a thank you note: Even in today’s age of electronic communication, sending a thank you is as important as ever. Whether it’s an email or handwritten note, both can go a long way to keep you on the hiring manager’s radar. In your note, don’t forget to include your “closing statement” on why you should be their next hire!