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Hot Jobs: Driver Recruiter

Hot Jobs: Driver Recruiter

Published on - 11/15/2019


Hot Jobs: Driver Recruiter

As the logistics industry continues to grow through 2015, there will be a higher demand for more truck drivers to transport goods. As the truck driver shortage lingers, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for logistics companies to find qualified truck drivers. The role of a driver recruiter is a key role for a company trying help to recruit and retain new drivers in a time where doing so is tough. Companies rely on driver recruiters to find dependable people to represent their brand and transport goods. If you have a need for this position in your company or if you may be the ideal person to fill a job, read below where we explain the main functions and responsibilities of a driver recruiter role.

Driver Recruiter Job Description:

The primary responsibility of the driver recruiter is to supply well-qualified owner-operators through multiple methods. A driver recruiter will work side by side with HR and other support teams to continually evaluate systems, processes, branding and other touchpoints that directly affect driver recruiting.

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Working with a team to hire, train, and retain drivers
  • Generate leads and review driver applications to find new pipeline of drivers
  • Conduct phone and face-to-face interviews with prospective drivers

Skills To Possess:

  • It’s important to have transportation/ supply chain industry experience so you can properly explain how the position works to drivers
  • A proven track record of successful recruiting and retention with creative approaches to getting drivers attention
  • Sales skills
  • Understanding of driver needs and able to relate to drivers

Why It’s Important:

The driver recruiter is a key factor in the transportation industry. A company can hire as many skilled customer and carrier sales representatives to communicate with their customers, but ultimately it is up to the driver to get the product from point A to point B. As a driver recruiter, you will be trusted to use your best judgment in hiring people you can depend on to get the job done. Without an efficient driver recruiter who is able to bring in the right talent, shipments may not be received on time, to the right place or in good condition, which leads to a dissatisfied customer base.

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