Hot Jobs: Carrier Sales Representatives in Produce Season

Hot Jobs: Carrier Sales Representatives in Produce Season

Published on - 11/15/2019


Produce season is upon us! For those of you across the Midwest, the snow is melting and the crops are growing, which means there will be a much larger need for Carrier Sales Representatives across the nation. This is a key role this time of year, as this role is responsible for getting this produce from point A to point B at the best rate possible. When companies get a sudden increase in requests from their customers to move this produce freight, these companies will be hiring a larger number of Carrier Reps.

Job Description:

The main role of the Carrier Sales Representative is to build carrier relationships, sell freight, negotiate rates and handle operational functions to get freight from point A to point B.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Source and negotiate with carrier base to move available loads
  • Book available freight in a cost-effective manner
  • Schedule pick-up and delivery appointment times
  • Build carrier relationships via phone, posting services and any other methods needed
  • Communicate customer problems, leads, and inquiries to the sales reps

Why it’s important:

Carrier Sales Representatives are important year-round, however, CS Recruiting has determined that year after year, they see a sizable vacancy of qualified candidates to handle the large amounts of product being shipped throughout the US.

If you’re a company forecasting a large produce season and need help bringing on qualified Carrier Sales Representatives, or if you’re a prospective candidate looking for supply chain or logistics jobs, contact CS Recruiting to see how they can help your staffing needs.