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Don't Take that Counter-Offer. Here's Why

Don't Take that Counter-Offer. Here's Why

Published on - 11/15/2019


It doesn’t matter what industry you come from. If you’re considering a new job, counteroffers will always be part of the process. Candidates often reach out to us for help finding a new position for a variety of reasons, but money is rarely the only reason someone will choose to leave their current role.

Too often, we see candidates accept and sign offers with a new company, only to take a counteroffer from their current employer. This may seem like an easy choice for the candidate. After all, no one likes change, and how could more money ever be a bad thing? However, from our professional experience, we see that a majority of candidates who sign counteroffers, come back to us looking for a new position, for the exact same reason they wanted to leave their current employer in the first place. That’s why it’s so important to avoid taking those counteroffers, especially if you’re searching for supply chain and logistics jobs.

According to Kim Lankford, a writer for Monster.com, if you accept a counteroffer, your relationship with your current company is now solely based on money (https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/should-you-take-that-counteroffer ). Employers are looking to see dedication and loyalty out of their employees, beyond financial motivation. Employers have an incentive to maintain low turnover rates, which is why money is not the only thing they look at when hiring or promoting someone. Turning down the amount offered by those supply chain management recruiters for a higher or matching counteroffer at your current job, will usually still leave you feeling dissatisfied. You’ll still have to deal with all the other issues of your current job, and your relationship with your employer might worsen after the deal as well.

Lankford also noted that signing a counteroffer could hurt colleague relationships. As we all know, information is easily spread through an office. Most peers would not take this news well, as it affects the work environment. If they hear about you going to supply chain executive recruiters or your dissatisfaction with your job, they might not look at you the same way as before.

Often, we see candidates try to save a declined offer from a new company, however, this rarely works, as the role has already been filled and it can leave a bad impression on the company. Before accepting a counteroffer, it is important to take all of the potential consequences into consideration. After all, you don’t want to find yourself in an unhappy situation that will ultimately hurt your career growth. If you’re sick of your current job, and you get an excellent offer for one of the supply chain and logistics jobs you’re interested in, really consider taking that offer or sticking with your current position. Supply chain management recruiters will make it worth your while to move companies, but few existing companies can give you what you need to be happy if you stick with your current position. Think long and hard about the decision and be wary of counteroffers at your current employer, they rarely work out like you would expect them to.