Another Great Month for Intermodal Logistics

Another Great Month for Intermodal Logistics

Published on - 11/15/2019


The stats are in and March had its most successful month for intermodal volume since March 2007.

The volume increased by 5.7%, according to Transport Topics. According to Food Logistics, the ongoing freight conversion from road to rail is attributed as one of the larger factors in the intermodal industry’s steady and sizable growth over the past few years.

Although Intermodal is at its all-time high in years, Transport Topics reports that freight transportation by truck is still about 8 times higher than by rail and intermodal. This is due to taxes associated with each method. However, the government keeps adding stricter laws regarding hour-of-service regulations, truck driver scarcity and high fuel prices. All of these factors combined are driving shippers to seek alternative transportation means, and the go-to alternative is becoming the intermodal route. This all points to the expected success of intermodal in the coming months and we’re hoping to have April be as successful of a month as March.

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