[7 Things] You Need to Know about a Career in Logistics

[7 Things] You Need to Know about a Career in Logistics

Published on - 11/18/2019


The demand for logistics services is booming with the endless need to suffice end-user demands. A lot of business opt to outsource their supply chain management to third-party companies. This is so they can focus on improving their company's core competencies. If you're planning to start a career in logistics, here are seven things you need to know:

1. It's dubbed as one of the "Best Business Job"

The U.S. News and World Report listed transportation logistics jobs as #26 on its Best Business Jobs. It has a median salary of about $73,000 and fairly proportionate levels of job opportunities, stress levels, 10-year growth volume and other factors. Logistician also ranked #6 on the news agency's 100 Best Jobs list.

2. Education is your ticket

You can get by with an associate's degree, but there's no denying that having a bachelor's degree can bring you to more places on this career. Aside from experience and skills, transportation executive recruiters are now giving weight on the academic standing of the candidate. Logistics are becoming more complex and demanding more than ever so taking up a degree in business, technology, and related fields will pay off.

3. Scarce candidates to fill logistics positions

The best thing about logistics is there's a high demand but relatively inadequate personnel to fill the positions. There are so many opportunities in this industry and you can take advantage of the low employment competition. In fact, the projects that logistics companies will be hiring about 1.4 million personnel in the next three years.

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4. But it's a fastly growing industry!

As much as the competition is low at the moment, the logistics industry is fastly growing. It's growing twice as fast than any other industry or occupation. If there's a perfect time to start a career in logistics, it would be now that transportation recruitment is at a peak.

5. There's a lot of pressure

Logistics is a green pasture, but it also entails high levels of stress. If you can stay calm during a heated argument with a supplier, you will thrive in this career. One scenario that may happen is you are the last person in line to explain why a certain inventory arrived late than expected.

6. Understanding SCM is a requirement

It's not enough that you have the eagerness and skills in logistics. You should also have a deep understanding of supply chain management and how it works on both small and massive scale. Educating yourself about SCM isn't a hard task and you can even enroll in courses that the American Production and Inventory Control Society offers.

7. Hustling in different locations

When you choose a career in logistics, you are always on the road. You will be dropping from one factory or distribution center to another. It's important that you are willing and always ready to hustle. Aside from the delivery of inventories, you will be tasked to perform industry research in different areas. Work setting will also vary per day. One day you are assigned at the factory than on a pickup center on another.

Transportation logistics jobs are in-demand and it can be a lucrative career with hard work and dedication.