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With Paratransit services growing in demand, ranging from passenger movement to medical patient transport, the need for highly skilled and knowledgeable talent is essential. Here at CS Recruiting, we are focused on understanding the complexities of Paratransit operations and transportation to best fill our clients’ needs. We source the most knowledgeable candidates versed in the rules and regulations required for medical transport and public transportation. Because of our extensive research and experience, we are able to tailor each search to the requirements of every specific role.

Our team of experienced Recruiters is trained to search for the best talent for your company's needs. Our consultative process ensures a full comprehension offer clients’ requirements and desires for each role. Whether it be Fleet Maintenance, Route Operations, or C-Suite opportunities, CS Recruiting is equipped to handle the toughest of searches, utilizing our extensive network, industry knowledge, and years of experience, to provide top quality candidates for all of your needs.


Positions Filled

  • Dispatch Manager
  • Paratransit Operations Manager
  • Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Paratransit Non-Emergency Driver Manager
  • Fleet Coordinator
  • Paratransit Dispatcher
  • General Manager of Transit
  • Paratransit Maintenance Manager
  • Transportation Analyst
  • Transportation Coordinator
  • Transportation Routing Analyst
  • Road Supervisor
  • Chief of Paratransit Services
  • Paratransit Training Specialist
  • General Manager of Transit
  • Director of Paratransit Scheduling & Analysis
  • Paratransit Lead Station Foreman
  • Director of Paratransit Budget


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