• Recruiting Focus

    Industry Sectors: Paratransit & Passenger Movement

    Areas We Cover: Transportation • Distribution • Logistics • Medical Transport • Community Transport • Demand - Responsive Transit • Private Transport • Shared Transport

    Positions We Can Fill: Fleet Maintenance Manager • Driver Safety and Compliance Manager • Dispatch Manager • Paratransit Call Center Manager • Paratransit (Non-Emergency) Driver Operations Manager • Emergency Driver Operations Manager • President of Transportation Operations • Paratransit Safety Manager • Paratransit Bus Driver Manager • Director of Shuttle Bus Driver Operations • Transportation Specialist • Transportation Site Manager • Director of Medical Transport Operations • Ambulance Dispatcher • Command Center Manager • Director of Maintenance • Medical Transportation Coordinator • Driver Recruiter • Patient Transport Supervisor

  • Why Choose CS Recruiting?

    Paratransit services are a key factor within the public transit sector. With various services provided, Paratransit can range from a specific bus route to medical patient transport upon request. With an increasing demand for Paratransit amenities, CS Recruiting is dedicated to understanding what the market’s status is at all times and fulfilling our clients’ staffing requests.

    Our team dedicates time to research the industry’s current market trends in order to assess candidates properly for Paratransit positions. Our Recruiters take the time to ensure they thoroughly understand the requirements of the role at hand, the client’s expectations, and the overall Paratransit industry to deliver the right talent for roles that range from Dispatch to Maintenance, Fleet or Route Operations, Shared Services and Executive Leadership and C-suite opportunities. We have the knowledge and network to work on permanent roles within a Corporate Office setting, Call Center, or On-Site environments.

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