• Recruiting Focus

    Industry Sectors: Agriculture, Retail & Wholesale Distribution • Food Ingredients • Food Processing • Foodservice, Bulk Liquid & Dry Bulk Transportation • Bottling & Packaging, Non Alcoholic Beverages & Soft Drinks

    Areas We Cover: Procurement & Material Sourcing • Refrigerated & Dry Transportation• Frozen & Temperature Controlled Warehousing • Manufacturing & Production• Import & Export Services • Distribution & Fulfillment

    Positions We Can Fill: Buyer - Food/Perishables Division • Commercialization Manager (Food Manufacturing) • Inside Sales Representative (Food) • Food Production Planner • Logistics Optimization Manager • Food Safety Supply Chain Manager • Director of Strategy & Supply Chain Operations • Executive Director of Operations • Director of Warehousing • Transportation Coordinator • Logistics Analyst • Logistics Manager • Director of Transportation • VP of Logistics Operations • Shipping & Distribution Manager • Supply Planner • Food & Beverage Distribution Center Manager • Logistics Dispatcher • Logistics Optimization Manager 


  • Why Choose CS Recruiting?

    Food shipping is comprised of many complex components. Whether you’re shipping beverages, perishables, dry goods, or frozen foods CS Recruiting knows what it takes to get your products to their final destination. Having a team that knows the right modes of transportation and ship dates is essential to your Supply Chain. We have placed the industry’s best candidates that our clients can depend on to optimize food and beverage operations. CS Recruiting takes pride in keeping up with the latest trends to understand your talent needs and deliver the perfect fit for your team.

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