• Recruiting Focus

    Industry Sectors: Cannabis Manufacturing • Cannabis Production • Cannabis Cultivation • Cannabis Refinement • Healthcare • Consumer Packaged Goods • Retail • Wholesale 

    Areas We Cover: Material Procurement & Purchasing • Production & Manufacturing • Demand Planning & Inventory Management • Packaging & Distribution • Transportation & Logistics Solutions (Courier, Expedite, Refrigerated, International, Domestic, Temp Control) • Warehousing Services (Distribution, Fulfillment, Kitting) 

    Positions We Can Fill: VP of Manufacturing • COO Cannabis Operations • Dispensary Inventory Manager • Greenhouse Manager • Distribution Operations Manager • Cannabis Warehouse Manager • Logistics Manager • Dispatch Coordinator • VP of Production • Cannabis Consultant • Cultivation Operations Specialist • Director of Cultivation • Cannabis Account Manager • Director of Consumer Operations • Production Supervisor • Dispensary Operations Manager • Delivery Specialist • Plant Manager • Packaging Manager • VP of Demand Planning • Transportation Specialist • Transportation and Delivery Manager • Warehouse Manager • Director of Warehousing • Director of Distribution • Production Lead • Packaging Procurement • Inventory Lead

  • Why Choose CS Recruiting?

    CBD manufacturing is a delicate process involving cultivation, processing, extraction, refining, and finally, isolation. The entire process is a very specific sequence of events that must be completed accurately for next steps in production and distribution. CS Recruiting understands the crucial components manufacturers need to execute in order to reach the consumer market. Whether the focus is on manufacturing and production, warehousing and distribution, or transportation, CS Recruiting is a subject matter expert within the space. We network with the top candidates in the market with focuses on hemp, CBD, THC, cannabinoids, and edibles experience and can place the right candidates your team needs.  

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