• Recruiting Focus

    Industry Sector: Automotive

    Areas We Cover: Material Sourcing and Planning • Inbound Procurement Logistics •  Manufacturing & Production •  Supply Chain Management •  Service, Parts and Inventory Logistics • Equipment Installation and Maintenance • OEM Distribution and Transportation Management • Car and Vehicle Hauling

    Positions We Can Fill: Supply Chain Manager • Director of Distribution • Transportation Manager • Supply Chain Analyst • VP of Manufacturing • Inventory Strategy Manager • Logistics Sales Representative • Procurement Manager • Freight Forwarding Sales Representative • Director of International Logistics • Director of Business Development • VP of Warehousing • Supply Chain Planner • Senior Logistics Specialist • Director of Vendor Managed Inventory • Just-in-Time Operations Manager • Sequencing Specialist • Material Handling Operations Manager • Vehicle Logistics Manager

  • Why Choose CS Recruiting?

    The Automotive industry is complex and has many moving parts starting from manufacturing and production to final destination delivery. CS Recruiting understands the process and components of manufacturing automobiles and parts, including the importance of just-in-sequence manufacturing. Whether you are shipping your final product via air, ocean, rail, or truck, we have a robust network of candidates that can satisfy your supply chain needs. We have successfully placed candidates in various roles within automotive logistics because we know what it takes to make your operations successful.

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