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Treat Your Customers & Your CARRIERS with Respect

Treat Your Customers & Your CARRIERS with Respect

Published on - 11/15/2019


How Important Are Carriers Really? Really, Really, Really Important!

No question that daily life in the third party logistics world revolves around servicing your Customers. “How can we make this customer happy? How can we provide better customer service? How can we get more out of that Customer?” Satisfying your Customers is great and of utmost importance, but in reality, aren’t you relying most heavily on your Carriers? On the Companies and Drivers who have the ultimate power over the timely delivery and execution of the shipments?

As a team not as involved in loads or lanes, CS Recruiting sees and hears a lot of frustration and downplaying the importance of their Carrier partners. We believe it’s time to turn this sentiment around. An office filled with negative feelings towards its lifeblood only creates a cycle of negativity and unhappy employees. The small fibs that turn into full-blown lies really aren’t helping your Customer’s businesses, or what they think of you as their Broker.

What if everyone started to treat all their Carriers with respect? What if you believed that they would be on time and spoke to them courteously? Your positive attitudes might be the changing force this industry needs right about now. More honest transparency with Customers is quite possibly a major piece that is missing in this large brokerage puzzle. If you, your business, and your Customers are relying so heavily on your Carrier partners to make you successful, then really doesn’t it all start with your Carrier relationships?