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Transportation Executive Recruiters: [Top 5 Tips] for Attracting and Retaining Jobs

Transportation Executive Recruiters: [Top 5 Tips] for Attracting and Retaining Jobs

Published on - 11/18/2019


Having a candidate hop on the ride is the job of transportation executive recruiters. However, retaining them is another story. A lot of companies exhaust their resources to hire new people only to waste the opportunity when the manpower is already at work. Since the market is becoming more competitive than ever, it’s crucial that the candidates stay and thrive within the organization they are working at.

This was proven to be a challenging task for employers. Retention and employee satisfaction translates to continuous training and keeping the compensation attractive. If you also want to keep your hires within their transportation logistics jobs, here are some tips from the experts:

1. Promote a sense of community 

Letting your staff know that they belong in a community is a good way to nurture a positive working environment. Take note that a lot of employees quit their jobs due to too much office politics and pressure. If you’re keen enough, you’ll succeed in making them feel that every effort is appreciated. This inclusivity doesn’t just keep your manpower intact, it also invites more applicants.

2. Foster a healthy employee-employer relationship

Studies found that many employees leave their jobs due to toxic bosses. Taking care of your existing hires is a good way to start this process. You can talk about the career plans of your employees and what you can do to make that happen within your company. Always be open for communication and break the barrier that separates the higher-ups from the rank and file.

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3. Be clear with your offers

Being transparent with everything is a guaranteed way to earn the loyalty of your employee. If they know that you’re honest and true to your offers, they won’t think of looking for another job. Most often, disappointment over unfulfilled promises are the common reasons why employees in the transport sector leave their job. Paint your employees with a realistic vision of your company so they can plan their career ahead.

4. Be willing to pay for it

Compensation and investment talk. If you’re willing to pay for an attractive salary, there’s a big chance that your employee will stick with your company. However, a healthy work atmosphere and culture should also follow. Invest in training packages, team building programs, incentives, and career growth. A lot of companies never regretted putting their money in these areas.

5. Have a talent retention program

You simply don’t hire and take it from there. There should be a program intended to keep your employees happy and contented with their transportation logistics jobsOne thing to do this is to pay for it and be consistent about the means you choose to do.

Remember that each job candidate doesn’t arrive at your office fully formed. They are also looking for career growth. And if you’re willing to provide it, the hiring process would be a win-win situation.

Many transportation executive recruiters will agree that your role as an employer doesn’t stop after hiring the best candidate. Even the most talented pick would leave your helm once they feel unappreciated and under compensated. With these seven points in mind, you can now start assessing your employee-employer situation.