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Three Skills in Great Demand In the Logistics industry

Three Skills in Great Demand In the Logistics industry

Published on - 11/15/2019


Three Skills in Great Demand In the Logistics industry

Each position in a logistics company is vital to the success of the organization as a whole. Because job titles within the logistics industry vary so much, where oftentimes there are five different job titles for one job function, skills-based hiring is becoming more mainstream. Looking widespread at the logistics industry and identifying overarching characteristics that superior employees possess is one of the best ways to hire individuals for vacant logistics jobs. Despite rank, title or sector of the logistics industry, there are many transferable skills rather than job-related skills that are important for all logistics employees to possess. Today, CS Recruiting examines the top three skills for logistics positions that job candidates should possess.

  1. Critical and Analytical ThinkingBeing able to solve problems and think on your feet is necessary for logistics employees. The logistics industry is ever-changing and is heavily influenced by outside and unpredictable factors, so being able to respond to these road bumps in a professional and efficient matter is key. Having the ability to rationally think through a situation – examining it from all possible viewpoints – and coming to a final decision or answer in a reasonable time frame is essential whether you’re a truck driver, supply chain manager, logistics coordinator or any other title.


  1. Effective CommunicationNo matter what sector or level of the logistics industry you work in, you will need to possess sufficient communication skills. Because success in logistics depends on coordination, you must be able to communicate with vendors and employees to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The logistics industry isn’t a stress-free industry, so being able to keep your cool and remain polite when things go wrong is a key driver of success.


  1. Broad Industry KnowledgeIn some fields, being conversant in the industry you work for isn’t always necessary, but in the logistics industry it is essential to stay up to date with trends, technologies, and news. When an employee has knowledge in the industry, it shows that they are dedicated to their position, making them more likely to stay up to date with trends and/or make suggestions to improve their company’s workplace. Having a broad understanding of logistical strategy, planning, sales, customer services, and technology can help a logistics worker see the bigger picture and where their job fits in it.

Looking for these three above qualities in all logistics hires can help a logistics company build a more informed and motivated employee base. Although these skills are essential for logistics employees to possess in order to excel in their jobs, individuals in charge of hiring should also make sure to examine job-specific characteristics, as need be.

How CS Recruiting Can Help
When looking for viable logistics or supply chain talent to fill an open job position at a logistics company, not all of these characteristics are clearly evident when first looking for individuals put in charge of the hiring process. Interviewers need to know what questions to ask when trying to gauge if each of these three above elements are present in a potential candidate.

Expert recruiters at CS Recruiting are trained professionals in all aspects of recruiting the right individual for your company’s open logistics job. Recruiters at CS Recruiting have profound knowledge of the logistics industry and what characteristics are necessary for each job title. Hiring a recruitment firm that specializes in the logistics industry will give a company access to the greatest talent thanks to CS Recruiting’s vast network of contacts in the industry.

For more information about how CS Recruiting can help your logistics company find the right employee who possesses these three necessary and high-demand character traits, contact a recruiter today https://cs-recruiting.com/contact-us.