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The Importance of Telematics in the Logistics Industry

The Importance of Telematics in the Logistics Industry

Published on - 11/15/2019


Trucking companies have recently been under more and more scrutiny to keep track of their driver’s every move. With emergent laws on driver regulations, the pressure is on to make sure that a shipment safely arrives when and where it needs to be. With the liability on their plates, companies are taking a growing interest in involving telematics as an integral part of every shipment.

Companies are requiring all their assets to be fully equipped with the latest technologies involving GPS systems, cameras and activity monitors to effectively manage the drivers throughout the trip. This requires companies to abide by laws including driver hours, phone usage, illegal activity, etc.

We expect to see a growing partnership between these two industries, as the logistics industry can begin to rely on this technology as proof that they are following regulations. For more information on both industries, contact CS Recruiting.