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[New Trends] in Transportation and Logistics Recruitment

[New Trends] in Transportation and Logistics Recruitment

Published on - 11/15/2019


As the Baby Boomer generation gets older and begins retiring at a rapid pace, there are countless transportation jobs opening up and companies need to fill these positions. These companies are urgently looking to find new and more effective ways to recruit new employees, and they are searching for a more modern skillset while tracking down these employees.

It’s all these changes in society and technology that are leading to new trends in transportation recruitment and a new interest in skills and knowledge that older employees might be lacking. If you’re searching for jobs in the transportation industry it’s important to understand these new trends that are changing the way that transportation executive recruiters do their jobs.

A Growing Need for Technical Skills

Technology is rapidly evolving and more and more workers in the transportation industry are making use of mobile apps, barcode scanner tools, and other advanced mobile technology. It’s important that new drivers, as well as other workers in the transportation industry, understand this technology. Transportation executive recruiters are looking closely at applications and the experience of new recruits to see whether or not they have the skills needed to make the most of this new technology.

More Demand for Customer Service than Ever

Customer service has always been an important aspect of a business. There is now a greater demand for customer service experts today than there has ever been in the past. Recruiters are always on the lookout for talented customer service representatives that understand how to communicate with people and know-how to help solve problems.

Ongoing Training is a Must Today

In an industry that is evolving and changing in many different ways every year, it’s vital that new workers in the industry are willing to go through training on a regular basis. One of the most important considerations when looking for new employees for transportation logistics jobs is to find people that are open to being trained regularly. Employees that enjoy learning new things and advancing their skill set will be able to get farther in the industry and will be given preferential treatment over employees that aren’t interested in spending time going through training courses.

If you’re interested in getting out on the open road or taking on another role in the growing logistics industry, it’s vital that you start thinking about what’s important to transportation recruitment professionals so that you have the best chance of being hired. That means taking the time to update your resume, it means being open to learning new skills and taking some time to understand the technology that’s being used in the industry today, and it means enhancing your customer service skills in any way that you can.

growing need for technical skills

There are plenty of open jobs in the logistics industry, but only the most skilled and ready employees are going to be considered for those positions.

Take some time to prepare yourself and research the positions and you’ll have more success with your job search, and you’ll help streamline the process for recruiters as well. If you’re a company that’s in the logistics industry, you should consider utilizing transportation executive recruiters to help you find the employees that your business needs. These experts can search out the most effective employees and find you workers that can fill your open positions and get work done properly.