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Logistics – From the eyes of a College Intern

Logistics – From the eyes of a College Intern

Published on - 11/15/2019


The word “logistics” just a few months ago to me stood as a synonym to: numbers, logic and sense (which it still does) but now, two months later working as an Intern at CS Recruiting, the word “logistics” means so much more. It means hard work, hustling, bargaining, competition and, of course, transportation.

Sitting in with one of my colleagues here as we discussed the different truck sizes, types of cargo, and the lingo used in this industry I was overwhelmed with what exactly everything meant. 3PL? Cradle to Grave? What is this? I felt like it was a foreign language, one I definitely could not pick up in the short time working here. When my colleague soon saw the look on my face he dumbed it down for me, “You see those shoes you’re wearing?” “Yes.” I replied. “Those shoes couldn’t have gotten on your feet without a truck.” That’s when the light bulb came on, every “thing” has to be transported, and the economy and us as beings cannot live without the logistics industry.

What I love most about this industry is the hard work and drive this young community has. Many say this industry is the “frat star” industry, the young, straight out of college kids who can go hours without sleep. However, I’ve learned that it’s way more that that. The future of this industry is never-ending, as there continues to be new opportunities opening up in logistics everyday, and because the global economy continues to expand, the importance of logistics gets stronger and stronger.

As an incoming junior in college, there is a lot of pressure to figure out exactly what kind of career I am looking to pursue. There are so many industries that college grads don’t even know about and logistics is one that often might be overlooked. Degrees easily apply to this industry, whether it is a management position, a consulting position or an analyst position. I believe when choosing a career one needs to think about their future, but the industry’s future as well. In terms of the logistics industry there is no question that it will continue to grow, and the ongoing training allows employees to advance their careers.