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How CS Recruiting Helps Companies Find Talent for Tomorrow, Not Just Today

How CS Recruiting Helps Companies Find Talent for Tomorrow, Not Just Today

Published on - 11/15/2019


Successful hiring isn’t just about filling your company’s employment needs for today, but it should also be about forecasting for future company and employee growth. This can get overlooked as logistics managers and hiring teams rush to find a candidate to fill a position, but trained recruitment professionals, such as those at CS Recruiting, are experts in this practice. When recruiters look for individuals to fill an open position, they should be looking for skills within an individual that goes beyond the positions current need, but instead, look at the employee’s potential growth within the organization.

When hiring an outside recruitment firm to help a company with its hiring efforts, recruiters are able to look at each business from an outside perspective, helping them to envision if the candidate can fit within the company long-term. Yes, an employee must make sense for today’s tasks and needs, but the best hires are the people who can also set your business up for future success, not just meet the bare minimum necessities of today.

The best way to hire new employees that will fit the positions for the long term is to look for the following qualities:

  • Passion: Candidates need to be passionate in two different ways. First, they must be passionate about their job progression, even when they’re starting at the bottom of the totem pole. Without this type of passion, they can’t be expected to take the initiative or grow into other roles. An ideal candidate must also be passionate about the specific company at hand. This should be a given, but you would be surprised at the amount of individuals who are more concerned with their job title as opposed to the company’s bigger picture.
  • Cultural Fit: In the logistics industry, a big emphasis is put on company culture. If a candidate doesn’t fit well into a company’s unique culture, then it’s a pretty good sign that they probably won’t stay for the long haul. This is why it’s imperative for recruiters to ask not only task and skill-related questions but also personality and behavioral-based questions. Asking for examples or situations can help a recruiter identify if a candidate is all talk, or if their personality does, in fact, fit a company’s culture. Hiring workers who fit well into a company’s culture simultaneously helps foster a constructive working environment, which ultimately can have a positive effect on your business’ bottom line.
  • Initiative: This aspect in a job candidate is often overlooked, but in some aspects could be one of the most telling signs if a candidate wants to be part of a company for the long-haul. Recruiters at CS Recruiting look for candidates who utilize their resources. These individuals may not always know the answer to a question, but by using their resources, tools or existing networks, they can find the answer and report back promptly.

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