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CS Recruiting Helped Startup 3PL Transportation Brokerage Client Find High-Level Candidate

CS Recruiting Helped Startup 3PL Transportation Brokerage Client Find High-Level Candidate

Published on - 11/15/2019


CS Recruiting Helps Startup 3PL Transportation Brokerage Client Find High-Level Candidate
When a new company in the logistics industry was just starting, they needed to act fast and find the perfect high-level candidate for a new Dallas branch. They partnered with CS Recruiting, an executive recruitment agency that specializes in transportation and logistics to help find them that right candidate.

Using their expertise and large network of talented professionals, CS Recruiting was able to pair the company with multiple candidates that could take on the challenge and demonstrate success in the position. Ultimately, the client ended up hiring a top candidate from CS Recruiting that ultimately led to the desired level of success for both the client and candidate.

The Problem: The client was starting up a new 3PL company, and they needed to find the perfect leader with brokerage experience and a track record for successful management skills. Most importantly, the client needed a candidate that could come in and hit the ground running from day one. However, the client had exhausted their resources and the right candidate was nowhere within their reach.

The Solution: The client decided to partner with CS Recruiting to help them identify and evaluate the talent in the market. They needed high-level talent and knew that CSR had the relationships and industry expertise to deliver.

By knowing the right people in the industry and navigating the right angles to find a solution, CS Recruiting connected with their network of talented professionals and industry leaders, which led them to the candidate. After some initial discussions, CS Recruiting identified the ideal candidate with a background in management roles and who had a proven ability to bring in new business. He was a clear match for the profile the client was looking for.

The Result: The client successfully opened the Dallas cold start branch and integrated two offices into one when the client acquired a new company. He worked with corporate to hire a team and build a 20 person branch that was accountable for $20 million in new business revenue over the first 24 months.

Today the candidate has been promoted to a Regional VP role for the company with oversight of four branches and a $50 million budget. As expected, this individual has met the challenges and exceeded expectations along the way and has been one of the key factors toward the company’s growth and success over the last two years.

For more information about how CS Recruiting can help you with your logistic company’s hiring needs, contact us today at http://cs-recruiting.com/contact.htm.