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CS Recruiting Assists Transportation Client to Find Young and Cultured Talent that Lasts

CS Recruiting Assists Transportation Client to Find Young and Cultured Talent that Lasts

Published on - 11/15/2019


CS Recruiting Assists Transportation Client to Find Young and Cultured Talent that Lasts

A logistics company was looking to find qualified recent graduates to join their sales team in a new Chicago branch. Through previous experience, they learned that new graduates heavily contributed to the company’s high turnover rate and wanted to find “green” talent that would add long-term contributions and value.

The company had heard positive references and read strong reviews about CS Recruiting and agreed the best way to find the right talent was to leave it to the company with the connections.

The Problem
The client was opening a new start-up branch in Chicago but they didn’t have enough employees and sales staff to fill the office. They wanted to create a positive culture with the right mix of new and tenured employees. The client’s strategy included the hiring of talented, motivated college grads with some previous work experience. This would be an opportunity for green talent to start an exciting career in logistics with a solid organization, but the client did not have the resources to identify this type of quality talent on a high volume basis.

The Solution
The client partnered with CS Recruiting to find fresh talent in the industry. CS Recruiting utilized their resources on LinkedIn and college website career portals to market the opportunity and attract recent graduates with a sales background. Once they targeted green talent with the right background for the role, CS Recruiting identified a large group of candidates and educated them about the opportunities in a career in logistics.

In one particular instance, they identified a candidate who was at a turning point in her career. This particular candidate had recently graduated college and had some light experience inside sales through her college jobs. Through a relationship with CS Recruiting, the candidate quickly became interested and excited about opportunities in logistics and was very eager to get in front of the client and interview for the role.

The Result
The client and candidate had an instant connection and she was given an opportunity right out of college to join the company. The candidate is still with the client after three years and she has since been promoted and is one of the client's most trusted sales reps. The candidate was able to find a lucrative career that she can see herself continuing on in the future. She is very grateful for the opportunity to have been matched up with the client so quickly after college.

By working with CS Recruiting, the client and the candidate were able to meet their goals for a positive experience. For more information about how CS Recruiting can assist with hiring in your logistics company, contact us today at http://cs-recruiting.com/contact.htm.