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As an experienced Supply Chain professional, we understand that you may be looking for the right logistics position that provides solid compensation and benefits, but more importantly, a position where you can grow and contribute your expertise & knowledge. Many of our C-Level supply chain jobs remain confidential, so please feel free to reach out to us at anytime to learn more. 

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Some of the roles we work on are Regional VP of Operations, President of Brokerage, Regional VP Intermodal Operations, CFO and VP of Sales & Business Development.

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Controller (Logistics & Transportation Focus)

Southeast Miami, FL

Founded in 2004, our client is an asset-based trucking and logistics company, based in Miami. Currently, our client is operating the fastest growing tractor-trailer fleet in... Read more

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VP of Logistics Sales

Midwest Chicago, IL

Our client is a Google Venture-funded startup in San Diego using some serious tech to completely blow-up and redesign the way the freight and shipping industries... Read more

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VP of Intermodal Operations

Midwest Holland, OH

Our client delivers a much needed neutral service to provide capacity for the growing intermodal market place. Their services allow IMCs, 3PLs, brokers and freight forwarders... Read more

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Vice President of Safety & Recruiting

Southeast Richland, MS

Our client is dedicated to the profitable delivery of each of their customer's shipments safely, on-time, and claim-free. They strive daily to provide the service their... Read more

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Vice President of Logistics Sales

Southeast Alpharetta, GA

Our client is a nationally recognized workforce partner exclusively focused on the asset-based transportation and logistics industry. Their unique business model eliminates their customer’s workforce risk... Read more

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President of Retail Foodservice Operations

San Jose, CA

Our client is the leading wholesale distributor in California, focusing on independent stores, covering a large territory from Napa Valley to Fresno. Every day they strive... Read more

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